We are an arts organization offering various classes and workshops that help others learn English the fun way. Roshni provides dance classes and workshops; theatre, storytelling, and spoken word;  Our services are for all ages and groups. Our services are available for  all ages and groups


We are a Performing Arts organization,

offering weekly classes and monthly workshops to all ages and abilities.

We organize Artistic and Cultural Events throughout the year.

We produce one annual theatre production and the New American Arts Festival.


This weekly program is being offered to the refugee/ immigrant children/youth from k - 12 grades.

The 20-week classes run follows the school year. 

In this program, the participants create their own original play using dance, theatre, storytelling, music, etc.


We teach the basics of storytelling structure and encourage them to use their imaginations to tell the stories that are most meaningful to them, their ideas resulting in a 15-minute short play.

Starting, 1 Feb 2021, currently, this program is being offered four times a week and as a summer camp in June and July. 


Short for I Am. Resilient. Informed. Steadfast. Empathetic, starting, 2 Feb 2021, this weekly program gives voice to the refugee and immigrant women and connects them with American women. 

Together they create a short play that while entertaining also touches upon relevant issues that are contemporary and important to address.  


An offshoot of project 'Lullabies', this program strives towards an increased connection among women of ethnic diversity, resulting in new learnings, and positive shared experiences.


Dance is awesome, to those who chance it.

A weekly Bollywood dance-inspired cardio class

Duration: 60 minutes via ZOOM

Every Wednesday, 7 - 8 pm MT

$40 by check, $43 by paypal

RSVP: roshnidenver@gmail.com

We all, no matter what our age is, need to strive to stay healthy and connected with others as we isolate ourselves. Chance on Dance has given us the chance to dance with others in our city, other states, and throughout the world! - Jane Tarkington


Love is both dark and Light. Without understanding and accepting one, the other remains elusive.

Empathy begins with the acceptance that we are all different and within us reside the Yin and Yang, the two contrasting forces of nature. 


Our journey of life is a continuous effort to maintain a balance. In doing so, we shall understand the true meaning of Love. 

This performance will be premiere during the 2021 New American Arts Festival


Our hearts beat a rhythm, we blink rhythms, we speak rhythms. We are rhythm!

The language of rhythm is universal and because dance is rhythm, it has the power to connect us to one another.

It fosters confidence.

It encourages dialogue.

Dance provides fertile soil for seeds of Empathy.

Geared towards the middle schoolers, The Empathy Project will premiere in the Fall of 2021 and will tour the schools then and in Spring of 2022. 


Based on the popular Aladin story from Arabia, this play is anything but. First off, it takes place in a present-day metropolis and well things are not as they seem... (Are they ever?)


Aly is a minding-my-own business girl who is tricked into retrieving a lamp that comes with an ancient and very talkative Genie. 

Filled with adventure, laughter, and crazy but cool characters, this story will lift you up and perhaps inspire you to look for a Genie of your own. 

To be presented in July 2021. 


We are delighted to bring the second edition of the New American Arts Festival.

With the theme 'Cultures on the Margins', this year's festival will take place from Septemeber 11 - 18. 

Please stay tuned for more information or visit the website on the HOME page.