We are an arts organization offering various classes and workshops that help others learn English the fun way. Roshni provides dance classes and workshops; theatre, storytelling, and spoken word;  Our services are for all ages and groups. Our services are available for  all ages and groups


We are an arts organization, offering various classes and workshops

in dance, theatre, storytelling, and spoken word.

Our services are for all ages and groups. 


I Arise uses theatre, to give voice to the refugee mothers in North Aurora.

With this project we are hoping to create a women’s group who will be the bridge.

Using theatre and/or other art, we hope to identify the needs and help mothers take action.  


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This debut project is being offered to the students attending New America School.

The underlying thought is the this: When you hear, you may remember. When you see, you’ll likely to remember. But when you do, you’ll surely remember.

In this 4-week project, the students will put their English lessons to practice through a short play. They will collectively choose the subject, write, and then act.

At the end of the project, the students will perform their work at their school, which will be open to the public.


This project is was created for mothers with toddlers and/or young children residing in Aurora. Once a week, for two hours, mothers are invited to come with their young children. Each week, two mothers will teach their lullaby to others in the group, followed by an English lullaby. The children will be encouraged to dance, while the mothers sing. In the last 45 minutes, snacks will be provided and socialization will be encouraged. At the end of the project, all are invited to perform at our grand community party.

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A dance/lecture (Ted talk style) workshop specially designed for high school students. Dance, besides promoting health and well being, is a delightful medium to come together. It is specifically effective when people come from diverse cultural background. Given time, it provides the right stimulus and setting for a better understanding of self and others in the group. It fosters confidence and encourages dialogue. An opportunity to learn, share information, and show, that in spite of our differences, we are inextricably connected.


Project Tell my Memory is an attempt to preserve one delightful memory of the very seniors. Through storytelling and video, we shall play it back to them. And in this way, forever capture a cherished memoir. Because memories sometimes shape humanity.

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