Roshni, meaning Light in several languages, aspires to work with those at the margins. Tell them stories, but more importantly tell their stories.


To use Art to promote inclusion, solidarity and empathy.

To be the voice of the voiceless and encourage and support them to action.


We use Art to uplift, heal and inspire. Through our programs, we work with the displaced, the disabled, the disordered, the disoriented, the seniors and youth-at-risk.


We work with the diverse community in Aurora and nearby Lowry. 

Here 130 languages are spoken among residents coming from 110 countries.


In India, I didn't dance.

In Sweden, I realized that I would like to dance.

In Canada, I became a successful professional dancer

But it was in the US, I realized the power of dance.

When I held my newborn and wondered what kind of world he would grow up in.


Board Members

Beth Morse, President

Beth Morse has lived in Colorado for over 30 years. She graduated from Miami University in Ohio with a degree in Retail/Marketing. Before becoming a Realtor Beth spent over 15 years in sales. Beth has spent many years in key volunteer positions such as High School PTO President, Denver Ballet Guild ~ School Education Program and is currently involved with Seeds of Hope (working with students in Denver Catholic ELS Schools), Project Cure, Habitat for Humanity.

Samay Dalal, Vice President

Samay Dalal was raised in India and has a degree in Medicine from Mumbai, India. He did his residency in Internal medicine in Philadelphia and his fellowship in Pulmonary Critical care Medicine from the University of Colorado. 

Currently Samay is a practicing pulmonary and critical care physician and works for Kaiser Permanente. Outside of work, Samay loves all things outdoors, skiing, biking, hiking.

Rebecca McKenzie, Secretary

Becky is a Colorado native with a few Kansas years thrown in for perspective. Before earning her Bachelor's degree in Nursing she was active in all levels of Girl Scouts. She taught Sunday School and sang in the choir. Most of her nursing career was spent as Perinatal Orientation Coordinator for the Newborn ICU, developing in-services and preceptorship programs and finally coordinating the training of NICU nurses in the Denver metro.


Becky has acted as a patient advocate for others as well as for her own children with special needs. She served on PTO Boards and was the Program Director for church women groups. She served as president of the high school marching band parents association. She worked as a teacher-aid assisting students with special needs. She is now a professional stained glass artist

Dan Smith, Treasurer

Dan is a true Colorado native, having grown up in Pueblo CO. He graduated from the University of Colorado, where he received a degree in Economics, with a minor in Financial Accounting.


After graduation, he also earned an American Bar Association certificate as a general practice paralegal. Dan has been a residential mortgage loan originator for the last 32 years, and is currently a Senior Loan Officer at Northpointe Bank.

Johan Lindblom, board member

Johan , a Swede, has an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics. He moved to Denver five years ago through his work with Boeing but perhaps even more for the weather!

Besides dancing and volunteering for Roshni events, Johan practices Vipassana meditation  (mindfulness), likes to scuba dive, hike and build lego vehicles with his son.


Johan believes in the mandate of Roshni and the important work it does with the marginalized in Aurora and elsewhere.


Dance, besides promoting health and wellbeing, is a delightful medium to come together. It is specifically effective when people come diverse and cultural backgrounds.


Given time, it provides the right stimulus and setting for a better understanding of self and others in the

group. It fosters confidence and encourages dialogue. An opportunity to learn, share information, and

show, that in spite of our differences, we are inextricably connected.




Once an anthropologist proposed a game to the children of an African tribe. He placed a basket of sweets near a tree and made the children stand 100 meters away.


He told the children to race to the basket and the winner would get all the sweets. At the word, 'go', all the children held hands and ran towards the tree together. There, they divided the sweets equally and gladly gobbled them up.


When the anthropologist asked why they divided up the prize, they replied, Ubuntu! ​How can one be happy with all the sweets, when the others have none?


Ubuntu according to wikipedia means, 'humanity towards others' or ' the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. 

Indeed, I Am because We Are.

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