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Roshni, meaning Light in several languages,
aspires to work with those at the margins. 

Tell them stories, but more importantly tell their stories.

Our Motivation


Ubuntu according to wikipedia means, 'humanity towards others' or ' the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. 

Indeed, I Am because We Are.

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To use Art to promote

Inclusion and Empathy.

To share stories with those at the margins but more importantly help them tell their own stories.

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What we do

We use Art to Uplift, Heal, and Inspire. 

Through our programs and events, we work to create bridges between minority cultural groups and the mainstream. 

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We work with diverse cultural groups, namely refugees/immigrants, people with disabilities, seniors, and the homeless.

Founder/Artistic Director

Deepali Lindblom

In India, I didn't dance. In Sweden, I realized that I would like to dance. In Canada, I became a successful professional dancer. But it was in the US, I realized the power of dance. When I held my newborn and wondered what kind of world he would grow up in.

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Team Roshni

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Shaciah Lee

Shaciah is a graduate of The Ohio State University, with a degree in Theatre and Linguistics.

Some of her performances include Oklahoma! at The Ellen Theatre in Bozeman, and in Ohio she performed in a modern adaptation of The Seagull, and Red Velvet directed by actor/director Ted Lange from The Love Boat.

She has also been involved in Be The Street, a community-engaged performance project focused on human mobility and placemaking. Shaciah loves theatre and believes in the power of the arts to unite people. When she isn’t involved in artistic endeavours, she loves to spend time with her dog, Cora. Originally from Bozeman, Montana, Shaciah aspires to be an actor. 


Fabian Vasquez

Fabian Vazquez graduated from MSU Denver with his BA in theatre in 2017 and now works for Boulder County Housing and Human Services while performing in local theatre shows in the evenings and weekends.

With Roshni, Fabian started with 'Aly & The Genie' in July, followed by 'The Monkey Mind', 'Murder at the Museum' and his own debut as a playwright/director with ' Fronteras Inexistente' for the New American Stories.

He continues with the first two production and is now part of the New American Stories, where he will assist youth with writing, acting and creating performance art. 

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Abraham Elahmadi

Abraham Elahmadi is a freshman at the BFA

program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 

He has been acting and modeling out of Denver

for over 4 years, including roles in The Diary of

Anne Frank and Pippin.

He has acted in numerous short films with

members of the Colorado Film School and

done professional work for Sesame Street,

Macy's, and The 3rd Way Center.

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Zachary Boin

Zachary has been working as an actor and playwright in the Denver area for the past 12 years. Zachary’s first production associated with Roshni was Aly & The Genie , which he is extremely excited to be a part of!! He is also part of the Roshni Ensemble and currently touring with the 'Monkey Mind', beside being an instructor for New American Stories.

Among his favorite productions as a playwright was his play The Hovel, which was produced by Grand Design Inc. and staged at the Aurora Fox Arts Center. Among his favorite productions as an actor were his performances in An American Night’s Dream, a Midsummer parody; Mean Gays, a parody of Mean Girls where he played Reggie George, and The Music Man. 


Kamsha Veny

Kamsha is an undergraduate student of Psychology at MSU Denver

She is first generation immigrant from Srilanka via Malaysia. Kamsha loves working with people and listening to their stories. Previously she also worked as a Kindergarten assistant teacher and taught English at several refugee camps.

Kamsha is the latest addition to Roshni's team, working as an intern for New American Stories. Kamsha is also a part of the I ARISE women. 
Kamsha is also trained in 'Bharatnatyam' an Indian classical dance. 

Art Promotes Empathy

Dance, besides promoting health and wellbeing, is a delightful medium to come together. It is specifically effective when people come diverse and cultural backgrounds.

Given time, it provides the right stimulus and setting for a better understanding of self and others in the group. It fosters confidence and encourages dialogue. An opportunity to learn, share information, and show, that in spite of our differences, we are inextricably connected.

Roshni Board

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Alice Moy


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Felicia O'Connell


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Rory JS


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Elom Ayeboua

Digital Transformation

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Jenny Barzegar


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If you have much, give of your pocket,
if you have little,  give of your heart.

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