Roshni, meaning Light in several languages, aspires to work with those at the margins. Tell them stories, but more importantly tell their stories.


To use Art to promote Inclusion and Empathy.

To share stories with those at the margins but more importantly help them tell their own stories.


We use Art to Uplift, Heal, and Inspire. Through our programs and events, we work to create bridges between minority cultural groups and the mainstream. 


We work with diverse cultural groups, namely refugees/immigrants, people with disabilities, seniors, and the homeless.

Deepali Lindblom

In India, I didn't dance.

In Sweden, I realized that I would like to dance.

In Canada, I became a successful professional dancer

But it was in the US, I realized the power of dance.

When I held my newborn and wondered what kind of world he would grow up in.



Anthony Le

Anthony Le is mostly known as “Le Chopz '' born and raised in Aurora grew up studying hip hop art-from “Breaking”.  His mother was born in Vietnam when her father, an American was stationed there during the war. 

Anthony has performed on the 16th Street Mall as well as at the Buell Theatre. Since 2018, Anthony has been a part of Roshni’s Artistic team, when he first performed for a Yo-Yo Ma event produced by Roshni. 

He is the teaching Artist for New American Stories and is also a member of the Roshni Dance Ensemble. 

Ryan Makepeace

Ryan is an Actor with an MFA in Theatre from Naropa University. He is also a Filmmaker and Writer. His works include a vignette documentary of two Syrian refugee Brothers seeking Asylum in Europe called HOME موطن and a Music Video for a rap song called Best Friend/Hol Me Down.  

He is also a Rapper/Singer set to release his first single titled ‘Let You Go’ .

An Athlete — mountain runner, climber and World Explorer, Ryan has lived, volunteered and worked in several countries including Argentina,  Denmark, Greece, Egypt and teaching Theatre at the Maru a Pula School Botswana. 

Abraham Elahmadi

Abraham Elahmadi is a senior at East Highschool.

He has been acting and modeling out of Denver for over 4 years, including roles in The Diary of Anne Frank and Pippin.


He has acted in numerous short films with members of the Colorado Film School and done professional work for Sesame Street, Macy's, and The 3rd Way Center.


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Beth Morse,
 Elom Ayeboua
Alice Moy,
Vice President
Felicia O'Connell, Secretary
Jenny Barzegar,
Deborah Clendenning
Rory JS

Dance, besides promoting health and wellbeing, is a delightful medium to come together. It is specifically effective when people come diverse and cultural backgrounds.


Given time, it provides the right stimulus and setting for a better understanding of self and others in the

group. It fosters confidence and encourages dialogue. An opportunity to learn, share information, and

show, that in spite of our differences, we are inextricably connected.




Once an anthropologist proposed a game to the children of an African tribe. He placed a basket of sweets near a tree and made the children stand 100 meters away.


He told the children to race to the basket and the winner would get all the sweets. At the word, 'go', all the children held hands and ran towards the tree together. There, they divided the sweets equally and gladly gobbled them up.


When the anthropologist asked why they divided up the prize, they replied, Ubuntu! ​How can one be happy with all the sweets, when the others have none?


Ubuntu according to wikipedia means, 'humanity towards others' or ' the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. 

Indeed, I Am because We Are.