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Roshni, meaning Light in several languages,
aspires to work with those at the margins. 

Share stories with them, more importantly help them tell their own.

Roshni is a 501(c)3 non-profit that strives to harness the power of the Performing Arts tp promote Empathy and Inclusvity

Our Motivation


Ubuntu according to wikipedia means, 'humanity towards others' or ' the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. 

Indeed, I Am because We Are.

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To use Art to promote

Inclusion and Empathy.

To share stories with those at the margins but more importantly help them tell their own stories.

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What we do

We use Art to Uplift, Heal, and Inspire. 

Through our programs and events, we work to create bridges between minority cultural groups and the mainstream. 

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We work with diverse cultural groups, namely refugees/immigrants, people with disabilities, seniors, and the homeless.

Founder/Artistic Director

Deepali Lindblom

Deepali combines the best of dance and drama in a unique performing art of storytelling. Her artistic journey began in India, in dance, street theatre, and puppetry.
In Sweden, it became a vocation. In Canada, it became a profession. And here, it’s become a Purpose. 

Deepali blends in the charisma of the East, the precision of the West, and the best of in-between.

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Jeszenee Turner

Jeszenee Turner's passion is Theatre and dance. She graduated from East High School and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Theatre from the University of New Jersey. 

Jeszenee started as an intern with Roshni in spring of 2021 and soon became an assistant instructor for our youth program, while also participating as an integral member of the women's group, I ARISE. 


Currently remote, Jeszenee continues to participate in our youth and women's group and every spring and summer will be assisting in our summer camp and theatre production. 

Jesznenne is also the outreach coordinator for the New American Arts Festival

Team Roshni

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Katherine Sheamansmith

  Katherine Sheamansmith has been teaching music, writing, and study skills for nearly eight years to date. She received her bachelor's in vocal performance from Fort Lewis College and achieved certification from the College Reading and Learning Association at the second level for tutoring.

     She has been delighted to sing with many local groups in the various places she's lived, as well as larger ensembles such as Quintessence, in addition to her work as a teacher.

     In her free time she enjoys crafting, exploring local areas, and writing. She also loves to meet new people and learn as much as she can about the beautiful variety of subjects the world has to offer.


     Katherine strongly believes in the power of expression and communication, both for the growth of the individual and the enrichment of the larger community. She is thrilled at the opportunity to work with Roshni and the amazing community they serve.


Lida Barakzai

Lida was born and raised in Afghanistan. She studied Political Science in hope of becoming a Diplomat someday. That dream was squashed under the Taliban regime and she had to flee with her family to Europe and then eventually to the US.

Lida is passionate about helping her community, especially women and youth. Thus joining Roshni, she says is perfect as she has firsthand seen the way we are making a difference.


Sandra Pitol

Sandra Pitol was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico. 
Always smiling and soft-spoken, she arrived in America 22 years ago from Mexico and has demonstrated to be a very worthy citizen by her work for the community she lives in.
She is one of the Big reasons for the transformation of our front yard last year. From a garbage-collecting barren piece of ground to a colorful and vibrant landscape. She is the reason, every inch of our space feels fresh, clean, and Welcoming. Sandra is a big reason why we Shine!
Sandra is also part of I ARISE Women group


Sayda Meraz

Sayda was born in Mexico but grew up in America. Perfectly bilingual, she is a criminal justice student at the Community College of Aurora.

Sayda greatly enjoys working with kids since she is a mother herself.
She is an advocate for mental health and physical health and believes that if you want to make a difference in the world, you need to make a difference in your own life first.

In her free time, she enjoys reading and exercising. She is excited to take on a new and creative journey with Roshni and help kids express and develop new dancing, singing, and teamwork skills and bring forth their stories.


Jenny Barzegar was born and raised in southern Guatemala. 

As a teenager, she loved American movies, and inspired by one, she learned to roller skate and went on to win competitions in her town and beyond. She eventually came to America and started working in the IT industry. 

Jenny has a robust background in small business management, leveraging extensive experience as a successful businesswoman. She is a proven caregiver with exceptional people skills, adept at fostering collaborative environments and driving program success.

Jenny is passionate about changing stereotypes around mental health and is part of groups advocating for that.  She is also a nutritionist and believes that eating balanced food will increase energy and boost the immune system. 


Jenny Barzegar


Sweeta Afrooz

Sweeta Afrooz was born and raised in Afghanistan and arrived seven years ago in the US as a refugee. 

Sweeta loves sewing and is delighted to be one of the head instructors for the 'Sew and Sing' program after being an assistant for the first cycle. 

Sweeta loves exploring new things and is ever enthusiastic to meet people from different countries and try out new things. 

When not sewing or teaching, Sweeta likes spending time with her children and baking. 


Abraham Elahmadi

Abraham Elahmadi is a second-generation from Morocco. 
He graduated from East High school. He has been acting and modeling out of Denver for over 6 years, including roles in The Diary of Anne Frank and Pippin.
He has acted in numerous short films with members of the Colorado Film School and done professional work for Sesame Street, Macy's, and The 3rd Way Center.

Abraham is also a producer and event organizer and has been working with Roshni since the summer of 2020.

He is the assistant instructor and ensemble member for Roshni's New American Stories. 


Ryan Fergusan-Makepeace

​Ryan is a Father, Rolfer, Actor, Rapper, Writer, Filmmaker and Athlete who holds an Undergraduate Degree in Journalism from Colorado State University, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre from Naropa University.
He grew up in Colorado and Loves Mountain Running and Climbing. Much of his informal education has come through extensive world travel in South America, Europe and Africa. 
Most recently, he ventured to Turkey to do journalistic work in the Capital Istanbul and the Mountainous Jungles of Puerto Rico to assist in the building of an Earthen home in February of this year.
Ryan has worked with Roshni as a Writing Instructor, Youth Mentor, Actor and Writer since 2020.  


Aleah Barney

An aspiring actress, Aleah Barney is thrilled and grateful for this opportunity to work with Roshni. Currently, she is a co-instructor for the New American Stories as well as filling in diverse roles for the Sew and Sing program. 

Aleah introduces herself as a singer/songwriter. Her accomplishments include eight years in the TMTA Piano Ensemble, five years as her Church Organist, and completion of two classes at DCPA. 

When not creatively engaged, Aleah enjoys cooking, gaming, and rollerblading. She has worked with children for many years and is delighted to be now involved in helping them with new stories of their own. 

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Jenny Footle

Jenny Footle received a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations with a focus on human rights and a minor in Dance in 2013, from Knox College, and holds certifications in Group Fitness, personal training, trauma-informed care. She has been teaching various kinds of dance and fitness since 2008, she is a survivor leader and has been working with survivors of exploitation and the organizations that support them for over a decade, including 10 years in Denver.

Jenny is both a wellness coach and wellness coordinator for the Sew and Sing program.


Jean-Philippe Millard

Jean-Philippe is a Personal Trainer, Energy Healer, Wellness Coach, and athlete. He has been dancing for the last few years and enjoys learning, playing and occasionally teaching in that space.
After experiencing some health issues from Lyme disease in his teen years, he learned how essential healthy lifestyle practices and fitness are to maintaining health and thriving.  He believes that nutrition, exercise, and a positive mindset are the keys to achieving optimal health. 

Jean-Philippe is excited to work with Roshni and to use the power of dance to cultivate necessary physical, social, and mental skills that will help them in whatever they choose to be. 


Ben Harnish

Ben Harnish grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

He has always enjoyed performing. He started training martial arts and dancing when he was 16 years old.

He was introduced into the Colorado Hip Hop community in 2016 where he joined a breakdance crew, the MightyRockMorez.


In 2023, he began training on a cyr wheel, a circus contraption that was invented in the late 1990's. It is the first circus thing he has done since his juggling years between 2007-2010. 

He is thrilled to be a part of Roshni Dance and to debut as Leon in their new show, 'Chandni and Leon'.

Art Promotes Empathy

Dance, besides promoting health and wellbeing, is a delightful medium to come together. It is specifically effective when people come diverse and cultural backgrounds.

Given time, it provides the right stimulus and setting for a better understanding of self and others in the group. It fosters confidence and encourages dialogue. An opportunity to learn, share information, and show, that in spite of our differences, we are inextricably connected.

Roshni Board

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Alice Moy


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Felicia O'Connell


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Kirit Merchant


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Samay Dalal

Board member

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Deborah Clendenning

Board member

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If you have much, give of your pocket,
if you have little,  give of your heart.

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