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Sept 9-30, 2023

The 3rd Edition

Free and Open to the Public 

Except, 'We Pledge' that benefits Veterans & Refugees

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By Deepali Lindblom & Erin Thibodaux

Free, for ages 14+

Thurs, 9/21,  7 pm at Heather Garden Senior Living, Aurora 
Tues, 9/19 at Four Winds Church, Denver (by invitation only)

Fri, 9/22 & 23 at 7 pm at the House of Friendship, 

9641 E 16th Ave Aurora

Sun, 9/24 at 3 pm, House of Friendship, Aurora

In a liminal space between life and the afterlife, five women from diverse cultures arrive. Here they will learn their truths and strengthened by their light, will make a decision to either return back to life or move on to the afterlife.

'Yatra is a powerful story inspired by real-life experiences of women from around the world who have fought (and continue to do so) and overcome personal, communal, and national wars while striving for healing and peace. 



A Visual presentation

9/9-30, 2023

House of Friendship, 9641 E 16th Ave Aurora& Aurora History Museum, 15051 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora

A visual exhibit of the Coloradans, “Reflections on War and Peace.” 

The project highlights contempletions of people belonging to diverse walks of life and cultural ethnicies, on what “war” and “peace” mean to them personally.

To some, war is a personal struggle with addiction, body dysmorphia or gender identity; while for others, war is a very tangible experience such as surviving violence, fleeing your home country or a veteran’s perspective of conflict/war. The oral histories collected also reveal their personal and diverse impressions and striving for Peace and Healing. Whether it is personal safety, connections with self and others, - peace can mean something different to everyone. 


This exhibit seeks to spur further conversations and call-to-action, about the conflicts we are living through in our contemporary world and how as individuals and communities we can resolve them. 

Battle of the Guardbridge Poster.png

The Battle of Guardbridge

By Nigel Knutzen & Erin Thibodaux

Free, for ages 3+

Sun, 9/10 at 3 pm, MLK Jr. Library, 9898 E Colfax Ave Aurora

Tues, 9/12 at 4 pm at Aurora Central Library

Thurs, 9/28 at 4 pm at Green Valley Ranch Library (Denver)

Peter, Brian, and Jane are excited to wake up early and go play in their fort in the sleepy town of Guardbridge, as they do most weekends. But today is different, a mysterious stranger is in town and She's got an eye on their turf.


This fast-paced children's comedy explores the behaviors and emotions of children whose parents are away in the military or absent from their lives and how it impacts their relationships and understanding of the world. 

This play also offers insight into how children can find peaceful ways to solve conflicts. 

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By Nigel Knutzen

For ages 10+

$10-15, (Benefiting organization providing aid to refugees displaced by War)

Fri, 9/15, at 5 pm & Sun, 9/17 at 4.30 pm at the
Aurora History Museum, 15051 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora 

Sat, 9/16, 6 pm, at Veterans Arts Council, 841 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

Struggling with the recent loss of her father, Patricia decides to organize his belongings. Little does she know that this simple act would reveal things about her father's military life that she was unaware of and would deepen her connection with him, in ways she hadn't imagined. 

'We Pledge' is a series of monologues, inspired by real-life events of the veterans and active duty personnel of the United States Armed Forces. 

This intimate and humane look at the military will also feature 'Truth is the first casualty' and other songs by Soldiers Songs, Voices, a veteran music band.


Fri, 9/15, at 5 pm & Sun, 9/17 at 4.30 pm at the
Aurora History Museum, 15051 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora 

Sat, 9/16, 6 pm, at Veterans Arts Council, 841 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

Zahara  (11 × 17 in) - 2_edited.jpg


By Nigel Knutzen

Free, for ages 5+

Fri, 9/29, 7 pm
Sat, 9/30, 7 pm

MLK Jr. Library, 9898 E Colfax Ave, Aurora

We wage war. To what end? At what cost?

Queen Zahara of Arda has been repeatedly insulted by her cousin, Princess Soraya of Indara, and as such she decides to go to war with the Indarians, something she would have liked to avoid altogether.  But as a Queen, she must defend her Kingdom and respond to the challenge posed to her authority.

What ensues is a deep political intrigue and the consequent war that portrays the paradoxical contemplations and actions of the Queen, cruel yet compassionate, loyal yet calculating, fierce yet uplifting, passionate yet grounded.

The play inspired by Shakespeare's Henry V, takes on diverse cultural references, including in its cast to make it relatable and relevant to the present times.

The play explores 'Fear' and 'Desire' the two strongest emotions that propel the irony of the 'War' we wage in the hope for 'Peace'.  

This last production is a collaboration of 20+ individuals representing our brilliant and yet underserved cultural groups of the Native Americans, New Americans (refugees/immigrants) people with disabilities, Veterans, LGBTQ+, and seniors.


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