Upcoming Events

  • The New American Arts Festival
    Sun, Sep 12
    The Vintage Theatre, Aurora
    Join us through the week for diverse performances in Dance, Theatre, Music, Storytelling.
  • The New American Arts Festival Opening reception
    Sat, Sep 11
    MLK Jr. Library, Aurora
    Join us for the Opening reception of the second edition of the New American Arts Festival
  • Summer Dance Camp for kids and youth
    Thu, Jun 03
    3 - 24 June, 2021
    A 4-week dance summer camp for those who want to have some fun under the sun. Limited space. Discounted fee.
  • New American Stories Showcase
    Sat, May 08
    Vintage Theatre, 8 May, 2021
    Join us virtually as our children and youth present their short plays.
    Sat, Apr 24
    Apr 24, Vintage Theatre, 10 am - 12 pm
    After nearly seven months of virtual dancing, join us to dance in-person. This mingle also is also a fundraiser for New American Arts Festival.
  • The Dance Of Empathy
    Tue, Apr 20
    20 April - 21 May 2021
    This 45-minutes virtual Dance/Storytelling show is ready to wow the elementary and middle schoolers, while expanding on the coolest thing for social evolution. Empathy!
  • The Spring Party
    Sat, Mar 27
    The Vintage Theatre, 2 - 4 pm
    Join us as we celebrate the onset of Spring, just the way we like it. With dance, food and some jolly good time.
  • Let there be Love, Peace and Hope!
    Sat, Dec 19
    19 Dec, 4.30 - 6 pm
    Join us for our last event of the year, as we continue cultural traditions from Mexico, Sweden, India/Tibet and Jewish ritual to let go of fear and doubts and embrace hope and mindfulness.
  • Let there be Light!
    Sat, Nov 14
    New American Diwali, 14 Nov, 3 - 4 pm
    Join us virtually to celebrate Diwali, the biggest Indian Festival right here in Aurora, Colorado. Global performances of Song, Dance, Music, Spoken word, all with the brilliant message that this Fall, let our Light shine brighter!
    Thu, Oct 15
    Wed, Oct 15, 7 - 8 pm MT
    This fall let us stay committed to staying positive, healthy, and connected. Join in via ZOOM for an hour of moving and yoga-inspired stretching. Feel Good will make you feel just that. Come on, take a Chance on Dance! Fee : $43 via PayPal (roshnidenver@gmail.com) or $40 via check/cash.
  • Dance Cook Connect
    Thu, Jul 09
    24 July, 3 - 5 pm
    Come join us to learn a simple Tahitian dance with Gretchen and then learn to make a healthy bread with Jenny. And in between let us converse and connect.
  • Dance as One
    Thu, Jun 04
    Tues (5 - 6 pm) and Sat (9 - 10 am)
    To ensure a delightful summer this project results in a dance video with different styles Bollywood, Hip-hop, Salsa, Tap, Jazz, and even and Zimbabwean dance. This week we have Josias teaching us Popping and Locking.
  • Dance Cook Connect
    Thu, Jun 04
    4 June, 11 am - 1 pm
    Chipo Muchiniaperi, a talented Zimbabwean- American artist will teach the basics of Shangara, a popular Zimbabwean dance. Jami Lee will show us how to make her favourite American brunch.
  • Corona moments with Red Thread Playback Theatre
    Sat, May 09
    9 May, 4 - 5 pm
    An hour of live theatre, some fun moments, some poignant moments but more importantly, some positive takeaways from our COVID days.
  • Jai ho! Saluting the Heroes
    Thu, May 07
    2 May, 9.30 - 10.30 am MT
    Join us for a virtual global flashmob affirming our humanity to prevail and honouring the first responders, health workers and volunteers for their heroic efforts during the COVID -19 pandemic.
  • Dance Cook Connect
    Thu, Apr 30
    30 April, 12 - 2 pm
    In between dancing to the famous and currently relevant song 'Jai ho' (meaning that we shall overcome) and a Jamaican fast food (food that can be made fast), come and partake of a fun-filled afternoon !
  • #danceagainstcovid, Apr 7, 6.30 pm
    Tue, Apr 07
    RSVP required to get Zoom video link.
    Come and join us for a recurring (every Tuesday at 6.30 pm through April) fun-filled hour of dancing to some upbeat songs. It's also about coming together and connecting.
  • Tell my Memory with Red Theatre Playback Theatre
    Sat, Mar 28
    28 March, 1468 Dayton St, Aurora 1- 3 pm
    Sometimes memory can trigger a story. And watching that story played out can be an uplifting experience. It can also unlock emotions that lead to understanding, acceptance, and healing.