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Mission Statement: Every citizen deserves access to Art and Artistic activities. Every child has the potential to become an Artist, given the right support and access. Every adult can reach their higher potential given the right environment.

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Our Programs

We are a Performing Arts organization, offering Performing Arts classes to all ages and abilities. 

We organize Art & Cultural events throughout the year. 

We produce one annual summer theater production and the New American Arts Festival.

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New American Stories

This weekly program is being offered to underserved children/youth from k - 12 grades.
The 24-week classes follow the school year. 

In this program, the participants create their own original play using dance, theatre, storytelling, music, etc.

We teach the basics of storytelling structure and encourage them to use their imaginations to tell the stories that are most meaningful to them, their ideas resulting in a 20 -minute short play.

The current groups will perform their final plays on 13 & 14 May 2023 which will be open to the public. 


 I Am. Resilient. Informed. Steadfast. Empathetic.

This weekly program gives brings together women from diverse backgrounds and walks of life.  

Together they create a short play based on their life experiences. The current cohort is working on a new play, that portrays the diverse ''Wars' from a woman's perspective and their continuous striving for Peace.


This play will be presented in the third edition of the New American Arts Festival, this year.  

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Chance on Dance

Dance is awesome, to those who chance it.

We all, no matter what our age is, need to strive to stay healthy and connected with others as we isolate ourselves. Chance on Dance has given us the chance to dance with others in our city, in other states, and throughout the world! - Jane Tarkington

Every Wed and Friday 5 - 6 pm

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Sew and Sing

This is a program for stay-home refugee/immigrant mothers, where they learn to sew simple household items progressing to clothing.
They will have the opportunity to practice spoken English and learn to sing. 


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Open Mic at the Open Space

We are delighted to start our monthly open Mic series that will take place at the House of Friendship, on the fourth Friday of each month.

A place to mingle and share, connect and exchange ideas and create new friendships.

Potluck style, we would love to see you there! - info/register

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The Empathy Project

Our hearts beat a rhythm, we blink rhythms, we speak rhythms.

We are rhythm!

The language of rhythm is universal and because dance is rhythm, it has the power to connect us to one another

It fosters confidence.
It encourages dialogue.
Dance provides fertile soil for seeds of Empathy.

Geared towards K-12 students, The Empathy Project is an ongoing performance in 2022 for public schools and organizations.

The Monkey Mind

By Deepali Lindblom

The “Monkey mind” is a term that refers to being unsettled, restless, or confused. It is also part of your brain that becomes easily distracted, so if you want to get anything done in life, your challenge will be to train it.

Once upon a time, on a beautiful island lived four friends, a Pelican, a Turtle, a Seal, and a hermit Crab. One day a monkey arrives and things turn topsy-turvy, The animals must come together to protect their sanity, friendship, and the island itself. They learn the trick is not to let the monkey take control but to train it to use it to their benefit.

Geared towards children aged 5 - 100, this interactive comedy play delves deeper into understanding our socio-emotional responses to everyday situations that we experience.

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New Americans Art Festival

We are thrilled to bring the  third edition of the New American Arts Festival.

With the theme 'In War, In Peace', this year's festival will
take place from
September 9 - 30, 2023 

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For more information, please click on the tab, 'Festival' in the menu above

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If you have much, give of your pocket,
if you have little,  give of your heart.

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